Star Communication Supports RasPBX

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Star Communication, a leading-edge provider of VoIP services. With a large customer base in the US and Canada, Star Communication offers high quality, secure and reliable voice services at low cost. Please visit the Star Communication website and check out their services:
Did you set up RasPBX with the latest image? Then use our pre-configured trunk and call toll-free numbers in the US for free to test your setup. Dial these numbers in international format (+1800xxxxxxx, +1844xxxxxxx, +1855xxxxxxx, +1866xxxxxxx, +1877xxxxxxx, +1888xxxxxxx), and your call takes the default outbound route and trunk through the Star Communication network. If you enjoy the call quality, be sure to check out further Star Communication services!
RasPBX users with existing setups can easily add trunk and route, details provided here.

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