Incredible PBX for RasPBX

Thanks to the hard work and great efforts of Ward Mundy, RasPBX users get an additional choice today: The comprehensive set of Incredible PBX applications, as an optional install on top of RasPBX. Incredible PBX has been famous for many years on the x86 platforms, and also has it’s own fork for the Raspberry Pi since mid 2012. Now with the new approach of an add-on installer, users get the combined benefits of both RasPBX and Incredible PBX:

  • Support for both Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black hardware platforms
  • RasPBX upgrades and security fixes as usual
  • Incredible PBX apps for Asterisk and FreePBX on top

Some of the additional applications in brief:
Preconfigured VoIP trunks, Flite text-to-speech engine as well as Google’s TTS and STT interfaces, free CallerID Name lookups for incoming calls, Voice Dialing with speech-to-text (STT) capability as well as Speed Dials, Yahoo News and Weather reports with text-to-speech (TTS) translation of the Yahoo news feeds, Telephone Reminders and Hotel-Style Wakeup Calls, SMS messaging, Wolfram Alpha, the versatile AsteriDex contacts database and many more.

For installation instructions and all further details, read on at

But please keep in mind the Incredible PBX installer wipes out all FreePBX settings, and should therefore not be run on existing installations (unless you don’t mind deleting all your settings). Swap your current SD card with a fresh copy of RasPBX before running the installer.

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  1. My raspberry only works with three chan_dongle . Whenever I connect the fourth dongle it disables one, use hub fed source of most seemingly 3A is a software limitation

  2. I lost another SD card today. It seems they only last for 6-12 months with my light usage. I was wondering if anyone else had any long-running RasPBX which are not chewing up the cards or did I buy a bad batch?

    Not end of the world – quick reinstall, restore weekly backup and back up and running. πŸ™‚

    Years later the RPi is still running RasPBX with extensions all over the world πŸ™‚

    As always,
    Thanks – Crispin

    • Hi,

      Please note that Memory cells in a SD Card has a limited lifetime. Each cell has a lifetime of 10000 writes. So it is not logical to keep always changing files such as MySQL Database and logs over the SD-card. My solution is to use an external hard-disk. Creating partitions on it and mount these partitions on the system so that ever changing files are always over the portable hard-disk. Since Raspberry USB is not capable of supplying enough power to an External HD it is best to connect USB hard disk either over a powered USB Hub or a using an external HDD case with external Power Adapter (Generally 5 1/4 HDD cases come with an external power adapter.
      P.S. I am using my current SD card for over a year now keeping changing files over a SAN which is attached to my RasPBX box over nfs.

  3. Found an additional bug in the current image in regards to chan_dongle. Please see the bug tracker in the forum. I am going to attempt to fix it. If I succeed, I’ll let you know.

  4. Gernot,

    Did you compile each of these items or did you use binaries? I need to repair this soon. Any help is appreciated.


  5. Gernot, I’m seeing some serious issues with faxing on the new image released in February on the RPI2’s. Is it possible to get list of packages and alterations made to the image to get it to this point so I can try to repair the issues? I would be happy to release my modifications to the project.

    • Dear William,
      thank you for reporting this issue. I am currently travelling, as soon as I’m back I will have a look at it myself. The new image from February is based on Debian Jessie, therefore all the packages have new versions. There were quite a few changes in Debian Jessie and on top we have the Pi 2 which has a different CPU. Before you investigate further please run

      apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

      and then re-install the fax with install-fax and add-fax-extension. I already made some fixes to the fax install scripts, be sure to have them.

        • hylafax-server is already the newest version.
          iaxmodem is already the newest version.
          0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

          There were a lot of package updates, but these were not among them. Faxing still fails after the update.

  6. raspi-config seems to be partially broken on the new image. When I try to resize the partition is says it cannot find /dev/root. Not a problem because I can accomplish the same task manually, but it might be useful to fix the issue.

    Also, I noticed something else after I used the Incredible PBX script. IPtables seems to not start on boot, which would prevent fail2ban from working. I have not figured out how to fix this on rpi since most of my work is on centos and chkconfig does not seem to work.

    • The partition resize feature of raspi-config currently does not work with the latest Debian Jessie based images. I tried to fix this myself already, but even when the /dev/root symlink is present it does not work, because on the next reboot the required upstart job fails. This is because Debian Jessie uses systemd for upstart and raspi-config has to be modified to take this into account.

  7. I have a problem with mi raspbx. iΒ΄ve installed 4 nortel i2002 phones and the calls work great, but the doesnt ring, just the red light blinks when receives a call. Do you know how to fix it?

    Thank you!

  8. I’m still happily using RasPBX on my original RPi (256MB version). I wonder if you’ll open this up again now that there is a new (quad core) RPi out?

    While not running much faster, 800MHz v. 700MHz it does have 4 cores. That might make life a quicker in the GUI? Mine is happily running at 950MHz without a problem so not sure if this is a great improvement.

    Might try compiling on the new one and see if there is much difference. If not, I’ll continue to use this as it still just-works for me.


  9. Could you please publish address of your repository and app key, so people who already have raspbian won’t have to install your image will just install what they need with apt-get?

    • You can add the RasPBX repository to your Raspbian setup with these commands (run as root):
      wget -q -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/raspbx.list
      wget -q -O /tmp/raspbx.gpg.key
      apt-key add /tmp/raspbx.gpg.key
      apt-get update

  10. I run RasPBX today, the chan_dongle was included and easy to install.

    Can anyone tell me, what there will happen with my chan_dongle settings if I install the Incredible PBX applications?

    Above the news post writes, that the Incredible PBX installer wipes out all FreePBX settings, is their a way to export and import the settings with trunks, outbound routes, inbound rotes and IVR settings incl. voice?

  11. Me again,

    So I’ve been using RasPBX for over a year now without hassle and still think it’s as brilliant as that day I installed it.

    My question is – do I need to change to the BBB version or not? I do updates from time to time , both apt-get update and raspbx-upgrade and neither bring anything through.
    Is this because active development has stopped or there really are no upgrades?

    If the former, is there a need to update or should I leave well-enough alone?


    • Dear Crispin,

      you really don’t need to switch to BBB if your RPi works fine. I’m still using an RPi myself ad it’s also running perfectly well.
      Raspbx-upgrade so far has only installed package updates whenever a major upgrade was released, which included new features or bugfixes to the installation. Unfortunately I have not found much time in the last months to do development work, therefore no major upgrades were released.
      But Asterisk itself was continuously updated to the latest versions in the repository, however only people running apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade installed those. Therefore, I will modify raspbx-upgrade soon to also check for Asterisk updates and install them, too.

      • Thanks for the update. I did not know about apt-get dist-upgrade – am running that now.

        The RPi is running my 6 or 7 phones, 4 trunks, quite happily so unless there is a need, I’m quite happy staying on it.

        If you’re going to stop updating it because of other commitments (I know how it is with these things) then that too is fine – I don’t mind moving to BBB in that case.

        Thanks again for the awesome work.


  12. Also the module call recording gives a problem. Looks like all additions to the database are denied. However CDR data is added to the database.

  13. This weekend I reinstalled incrediblepbx for BBB, to later to find out gmail was not accepting my emails for voicemail and update notification.

    Now everything is up and running again and I continued installing additional modules, so far so good until I came across superfecta.
    Module does not want to be installed, same issue as
    Even trying to manually adding the table superfectaconfig returns an error

    mysql> use asterisk
    Database changed
    mysql> CREATE TABLE superfectaconfig (source varchar(255) NOT NULL, field varchar(255) NOT NULL, value text default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (source, field));
    ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘asterisk.superfectaconfig’ doesn’t exist

    Hmm doesn’t exist…. is that maybe the reason I want to create it??

    Anyone ideas?

  14. Its a lame question, but I need to ask as google isnt giving me a clue πŸ™‚

    Can some one point me to log files/status log of various component in RasPBX ? I see error every now n then “Asterisk: DN”

    I want to find out what is going wrong. Thanks for your help.


    • You can find the main Asterisk log in /var/log/asterisk/full
      Also, when running

      asterisk -r

      the log messages will be shown directly on the console.

  15. So I wrote a new image of RasPBX (raspbx-14-02-2014) in a card, immediately followed by the instructions to install Incredible PBX. The last item asks you to reboot, so I issue the reboot command.

    Upon reboot, it then informs if I want to do an update, so I pressed the enter key and all goes well…

    When the blue sceen starts “Incredible PBX 4.11.4 for RasPBX”, i get the following:
    Asterisk: DN
    EximSMTP: UP
    LAN Eth0: UP
    Apache: DN
    IPTables: DN
    WLan0: DN
    MySQL: DN
    SSH: DN

    Is there anything that I missed or did wrong?

    • Ooops, I spoke too soon… subsequent reboots self-fixed the issue and everything is working perfect now. πŸ™‚

  16. Are you able to test the Superfecta module, Can’t seem to get it to send the live cid nfo to other apps like xbmc/yac/etc any of the “send to” options, the tests debug works but nothing live gets sent. I notice you can’t select superfecta under the CIDlookup module even though its listed it always pops back to OPENCNAM.

    This works as well

    Would be really great if you could see whats up!

  17. When you make new update for chan_dongle?

    There is a important fix for using USSD in the latest version of chan_dongle (r14)
    USSD dont works at all with the actual version πŸ™

    But this is needed for example to get credit of prepayd sims…

  18. Getting this error:

    error: error running shared postrotate script for ‘/var/log/mysql.log /var/log/mysql/mysql.log /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log /var/log/mysql/error.log ‘
    run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate exited with return code 1”

    Anyone else seen it and have any ideas how to resolve?

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