Online upgrades:

With RasPBX-12-09-2012 and later versions systems can be kept up to date with online upgrades. Install upgrades at any time by running on the console:


Please also read this important note on upgrades.

Upgrades history:

# Date Description
27 Feb 18, 2018 Fixing issues with FreePBX mail queue check
26 Jan 8, 2018 Fixing update problems of raspbx-upgrade script
25 May 30, 2017 Fixing startup problems on Pi 1 models
24 Sep 12, 2016 This upgrade will fix a broken web gui showing internal server error.
1. Updating GPG keys for FreePBX
2. Enabling Apache2 rewrite module
23 Jul 10, 2016 Increasing swap size to 200MB; installing en_US locale
22 Mar 23, 2016 Fixing Asterisk startup problems with latest 2016 images
21 Dec 5, 2015 Patching FreePBX 12 to disable deprecated PHP warnings
20 Apr 9, 2015 1. Adding new RasPBX repository for Debian Jessie based images
2. Fixing issues with HylaFAX on recent (Feb 2015) images
19 Sep 11, 2014 1. Modifying Asterisk manager to listen on localhost only
2. Improving raspbx-upgrade to include Asterisk version updates more frequently on raspbx-upgrade runs
18 Mar 9, 2014 1. Asterisk update to 11.8.0
2. Incuding SILK codec support
3. Fixing sound device permissions
17 Feb 7, 2014 Forcing upgrade of FreePBX Core and Framework modules to cover important security fixes.
16 Dec 13, 2013 1. Adding root partition size autodetect to raspbx-backup
2. Fixing some issues with chan_alsa: Loading snd-bcm2835 on RPi, adding user asterisk to the audio group
15 Sep 2, 2013 1. Updating Asterisk to 11.5.1 (security fixes)
2. Updating chan_dongle to 1.1 revision 34
3. Adding capability to send voicemail attachments in mp3 format
14 Jul 27, 2013 1. Introducing new backup tool: “raspbx-backup” (read more here)
2. Adding noatime mount option to /etc/fstab, improves SD card lifetime
3. Installing Flite for text to speech
13 Jun 23, 2013 Further improvements to install-dongle
Added webpage for sending SMS (http://raspbx/sms), possibility to forward incoming SMS to another mobile through dongle0.
12 May 3, 2013 Improvements to install-dongle script
Added SMS reception, SMS to email forwarding, caller’s name is set to caller’s number, script installs usb_modeswitch to improve support for some older Huawei modems.
11 Mar 26, 2013 GSM VoIP gateway with chan_dongle
This optional feature provides GSM to VoIP / VoIP to GSM calling capability using Huawei E1550 or compatible USB modems. To install it call: “install-dongle” (read more here)
10 Mar 19, 2013 Dnsmasq
Installing Dnsmasq as TFTP server for OSS PBX End Point Manager as well as for local DNS caching
9 Feb 26, 2013 Fixing email and logfile rotation issues.
1. Email for the local user root was sent off-site to the non-existent address root@noreply.raspbx.org and bouncing there. This fix keeps mail for local users in /var/mail (unless a forward has been set).
2. Logfiles in /var/log/asterisk/ are now rotated properly.
8 Feb 18, 2013 Fail2Ban
Improved security with Fail2Ban. This feature is optional and can be installed by calling: “install-fail2ban” (read more here)
This upgrade also adds the command “configure-timezone”: configures both system and PHP timezones.
7 Jan 22, 2013 Bugfix
This upgrade fixes incorrect configuration files that have been shipped with the latest image.
6 Jan 20, 2013 Upgrade of Asterisk 1.8 to version, fixes DoS vulnerability issues. This upgrade is only for users of Asterisk 1.8.
5 Jan 6, 2013 HylaFAX
Adding fax gateway support with HylaFAX. This feature is optional and can be installed by calling:
4 Oct 28, 2012 Reserve more memory for kernel, improves network stability.
DHCP client id set to MAC address, fixes static address assignment problems with some routers.
3 Oct 25, 2012 Running rpi-update to install the latest kernel and firmware. Both 256MB as well as 512MB RPi versions are supported by this firmware.
2 Oct 22, 2012 raspi-config
Run “raspi-config” on the console to configure overclocking,
expand your root filesystem and more.
1 Oct 22, 2012 avahi-daemon, nmbd
Easier access to the RPi by name. On Macintosh computers, access your RPi with: http://raspbx.local, on Windows machines just use: http://raspbx